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WooCommerce integration til apport WMS

Integrate WooCommerce with Apport WMS

WooCommerce integration

Integrating your WooCommerce webshop with Apport WMS provides your company with a seamless logistic experience which support you optimize your warehouse processes.  

When a customer places an order it is automatically transferred to Apport WMS.  

The warehouse workers will be able to start picking and packing the order to the customer once the order has been fetched from the webshop.  


Read about the flow and data supported in the integration between WooCommerce and Apport WMS


Materials is automatically updated in Apport WMS when it is changed in WooCommerce. Materials are imported every 7 minutes. Materials from Woo Commerce will be imported to Apport WMS when the status on the products is set to Published 

Following material data is retrieved
from WooCommerce to Apport WMS:

Product variants: Apport will import simple products and variable products with up to 100 variations! Contact Apport if you need more than 100 variations. 


Orders are fetched from WooCommerce every 7 minutes.

Orders will automatically be transferred from Woo Commerce to Apport WMS Orders will be transferred when the status on the order is set to Processing. 


Apport WMS manages the stock balances between WooCommerce and Apport WMS in real time 

Return orders

Order status must be set to “completed” before the refund process can be started. 

Apport WMS will decide whether to refund only the given order items or the order items + shipping depending on the reasoncode.

The quantity of the returned item will be changed right away in the Webshop after the refund workflow is complete.


Shipment updates

Apport WMS will update the order with the Track&Trace number in the form of an order note. This note can be configured whether to be visible to the customer or not. Default is for the order note not to be visible to the customer. 


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