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Agrippa Solutions

Apport & Agrippa Solutions

The company offers consulting services and has extensive expertise in the wholesale and distribution industry

Our solution “Agrippa Improvements” is built on international standards and scales to meet the needs of business of all sizes. We are continuously improving solution features and focusing on innovations. 


Integration with WMS, OMS and TMS

With extensive integrations Agrippa Improvements can interact with other systems to support deviation handling and continuous improvement processes. Important data like, article information, trading partners, purchase order, pricing, etc. are easily transferred to Agrippa Improvements.

Mobile scanner software

Agrippa Improvements scanning feature lets you extract all types of information from GS1-128 labels or other relevant barcodes in a single scan. The advanced matrix scanner turns your mobile into an advanced warehouse handheld terminal.

Checklists for a disciplined and lean warehouse operations

Agrippa Improvements lets you dispatch checklists with control points or HSE controls to your warehouse staff. This to ensure safe and efficient operations in compliance with routines.

Agrippa improvements

Agrippa improvements is a configurable and flexible system handling the deviation types provided by the users in their different roles. Agrippa Improvements provides an easy, automated, and responsive issue management system to operate your warehouse safely and efficiently. Our solution can integrate with OMS and WMS system to secure data quality and easy handling.