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Magento integration til apport WMS

Integrate Magento with Apport WMS

Magento integration

Integrating your Magento webshop with Apport WMS provides your company with a seamless logistic experience which supports you optimizing your warehouse processes.  

When a customer places an order it is automatically transferred to Apport WMS.  

The warehouse workers will be able to start picking and packing the order to the customer once the order has been fetched from the webshop.  


Read about the flow and data supported in the integration between Magento and Apport WMS


Read about the flow and data supported in the integration between Magento and Apport WMS


Materials are automatically updated in Apport WMS when changed in Magento. Materials are imported every 5 minutes. Materials from Magento will be imported to Apport WMS when the status on the products is set to Enabled

Following material data is retrieved
from Magento to Apport WMS:

Product categories, product dimensions and cost price requires the use of custom attributes in Magento


Orders are fetched from Magento every 5 minutes. 

Orders will automatically be transferred from Magento to Apport WMS. Orders will be transferred when the status on the order is set to Processing.


Apport WMS manages the stock balances between Magento Default Shop and Apport WMS in real time 

Return orders

It is only possible to create a refund if 1 Invoice is created. The invoice needs to have the state Paid before the refund process can be started. 

Apport WMS will decide whether to refund only the given order items or the order items + shipping depending on the reasoncode.

During the refund workflow it is possible to place the materials in a quarantine location. By doing this there will be no inventory adjustment in the Webshop, until the materials has been moved to another location with a different classification e.g. Picking, Buffer etc.

Shipment updates

Apport WMS supports partial delivery.

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