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Wittusen & Jensen achieves elevated customer satisfaction through the use of Apport WMS

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About Wittusen & Jensen

Wittusen & Jensen is a well-established company, boasting a workforce of over 100 employees. It has carved a niche in the efficient management and delivery of workplace consumables, providing products and services designed to enhance the market visibility of businesses.

10.000 sqm.
Stock keeping units

Complex systems and increasing demands do not go hand in hand

For Wittusen & Jensen, the imperative for a more adaptable Warehouse Management System solution became key to addressing competitive pressures and realizing the high-quality standards the Norwegian firm has consistently aimed for. They had previously encountered obstacles with an inflexible and complex WMS system, which fell short in meeting their evolving needs.

Therefor Wittusen & Jensen sought a solution capable of adjusting to the ever-changing demands of the logistics sector, ensuring they could maintain the flexibility required. Their objective was to streamline warehouse operations and enhance the efficiency of task allocation, with a strong emphasis on fulfilling customer expectations.

The benefits of WMS

An optimized daily routine in the warehouse

Following the deployment of Apport WMS, the warehouse operations at Wittusen & Jensen in Oslo saw remarkable enhancements. Apport WMS brought forth essential capabilities that were absent in Wittusen & Jensen’s earlier, more intricate WMS system.

Moreover, the challenge of training new warehouse staff was effectively addressed. Through Apport WMS, Wittusen & Jensen were empowered to conduct swift and efficient employee training, transforming what was once a labor-intensive task. The straightforward, standardized solution provided by Apport WMS facilitated effortless implementation and expansion. This led to a comprehensive optimization of warehouse operations, ensuring enhanced inventory management, a drastic reduction in picking errors, and the adept handling of an increased volume of order lines.

"We chose Apport because we saw that they had a very standard solution that it was possible to build upon. Apport had a good platform that was recognizable to us, and everything that we felt we needed."

Apport has proven itself as a reliable WMS provider that understands Wittusen & Jensen’s needs and has been a valuable collaborator. This partnership has resulted in increased customer satisfaction and a more structured workday for Wittusen & Jensen’s warehouse employees.


Future goals with a focus on customers

Wittusen & Jensen are ambitiously charting a course for the future, aiming to expand their market presence and secure a leading position in the logistics sector. At the heart of their strategy lies the collaboration with a WMS provider that not only meets their evolving demands but also facilitates their growth in alignment with customer needs. A seamless, efficient system is critical for Wittusen & Jensen to maintain the high quality they are known for, and Apport WMS delivers the flexibility and custom-tailored solutions essential for their unique requirements.

As they continue their journey with Apport as a reliable ally, Wittusen & Jensen are poised to pursue and realize their strategic objectives. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, they have witnessed enhanced contentment among their clients and streamlined operations within their warehouse, courtesy of Apport WMS. Focused steadfastly on catering to their customers’ preferences and needs, Wittusen & Jensen are confident in Apport’s ability to provide forward-thinking, innovative solutions well into the future.

"We aim to increase our market share and be the best in logistics – for that, it's crucial to have a WMS provider that meets those demands. [...] I am completely confident that Apport, with their experience, will continue to meet us and our needs, so we can together find good solutions for the future."