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Fewer errors in logistics and high delivery capability

About Triscan

Triscan is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of auto parts and accessories for the aftermarket. With over 45 years of experience, Triscan provides products to car workshops and dealers in more than 35 countries. The company focuses on high quality, reliable service, and innovation to ensure an optimal customer experience and strong business relationships. Triscan has a comprehensive product portfolio and an efficient logistics structure that ensures quick and accurate deliveries.

145 totalt
23.000 sqm.
The challenge

Manual processes led to errors and delays

Before Triscan implemented a new WMS system, they faced significant challenges with inventory management and order processing. Logistics employees used manual processes to keep track of stock and locations, which often resulted in picking errors and delays. The employees had no way to scan items due to a lack of scanners, meaning they couldn’t effectively utilize the barcodes on the products. This situation led to inefficient and time-consuming order handling, lacking both overview and precision. Triscan realized they needed an electronic solution to increase efficiency and reduce errors in their warehouse operations.

“Our main goal was to get more efficiency out of our logistics and, of course, the classic - to minimize errors. Additionally, we wanted an overview of our logistics and better control of the locations.”

After deciding to switch to a more electronic logistics solution, Triscan began screening various WMS system providers. They chose Apport because their system met the necessary criteria for effective location management, operational stability, and the ability to integrate with both voice and handheld scanner technology. The goal was clear: to increase logistics efficiency, minimize errors, and achieve better inventory overview.

the solution

25-30 percent improvement

The implementation of the Apport WMS system at Triscan led to a significant improvement in their inventory management and order processing. With the new system, manual processes were replaced by automated solutions, fully integrating barcodes and scanners into the logistics work. This resulted in a substantial reduction in picking errors and increased efficiency in order processing.

Triscan quickly experienced the benefits of the new system. Within a few months, they achieved a 25-30% improvement in their logistics operations. Apport’s WMS system allowed Triscan to gain a detailed overview of inventory and optimized their location management. This not only improved efficiency but also enhanced the employees’ ability to find and pick items correctly and quickly. Triscan could now handle more orders with higher accuracy and in less time, significantly increasing their delivery capability and customer satisfaction.

Triscan’s main focus is their delivery capability

the future

Continued partnerships

Triscan looks forward to a continued strong partnership with Apport and Slimstock. With the positive results and value the systems have brought, Triscan is confident that they can maintain and further develop their logistics competencies for many years to come. Triscan has a clear goal to improve their competitiveness and continuously optimize their processes. With Apport and Slimstock as partners, they feel well-equipped to tackle future challenges and achieve their ambitions.

“We have chosen our solutions to improve our competitiveness so we can optimize in various respects. When we talk about being the best, or at least striving to be in the top tier, I think it’s crucial that we haven’t made too many mistakes in choosing the tools to build our business on. It’s important that we are well-equipped with good systems and that these systems can keep pace with our development.”

Triscan plans to leverage the advanced features of their WMS and forecasting systems to further optimize their inventory management and order processing. This includes using data analysis to better predict demand and adjust purchasing strategies. Triscan will continue to focus on delivering high quality and efficient service to their customers, and they are determined to stay at the forefront of the industry by using the best available technological solutions.