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Søstrene Grene embraces the future with a new system landscape

About Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene is a Danish retail chain known for its wide range of home decor, office supplies, toys, hobby items, and gourmet products, all presented in a unique and inspiring store layout. The company was founded in 1973 in Aarhus by Inger Grene and Knud Cresten Vaupell Olsen. Today, Søstrene Grene is run by the founders’ sons, Mikkel and Cresten Grene. With over 270 stores across 16 European countries, the chain continues to grow and evolve, staying true to the original values and unique shopping experience that made Søstrene Grene a household name.

30.000 SQM.

Lack of overview and control

Søstrene Grene faced a series of complex challenges that threatened to hinder their growth and efficiency. As a growing company with an expanding online presence, they were pressured by the need to manage an exponentially increasing flow of goods to and from their warehouses. Their existing warehouse management system was outdated and could not integrate the needs of physical stores with online operations, resulting in inefficiencies and errors in the picking processes. These issues caused delays in order handling, leading to customer dissatisfaction and increased operational costs.

Additionally, there was an urgent need to optimize their warehouse space to effectively manage the growing number of SKUs, requiring an advanced solution that could offer both flexibility and scalability. Beyond these operational challenges, Søstrene Grene also faced logistical bottlenecks that limited their ability to quickly adapt to changing market trends and consumer preferences. This lack of agility in warehouse management and distribution prevented them from capitalizing on new business opportunities and maintaining a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving retail environment.


From physical retailer to omnichannel company

To address these challenges, Apport implemented a fully integrated WMS solution in Søstrene Grene’s new and modern logistics center west of Aarhus. This solution included advanced algorithms for storage allocation, optimizing the use of available warehouse space and significantly improving picking process efficiency. By utilizing real-time data solutions, warehouse staff were equipped with handheld devices that provided immediate access to inventory status, order status, and item location, reducing picking errors and improving order processing times.

"The development of our internal logistics has been crucial for us, as we are in the midst of a digital transformation, moving from a classic physical retailer to an omnichannel company. This places entirely new demands on us. We need to streamline the current logistics solution that serves our stores, and we also face completely new requirements as we expand our sales channels."

This customized WMS ensures seamless integration between Søstrene Grene’s physical stores and online sales channels, enabling an efficient omnichannel experience for their customers. To ensure a successful implementation and transition, Apport conducted a series of workshops and training sessions to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to fully utilize the new system. This comprehensive approach not only ensured a smooth transition but also that the system was quickly and effectively integrated into daily operations, resulting in a noticeable improvement in productivity and inventory management.

mand på lager

A modern WMS pointing towards the future

By automating their warehouse processes, Søstrene Grene is now well-equipped to meet future challenges. Plans to expand into new markets and increase online sales are strongly supported by the new warehouse infrastructure, which has not only increased efficiency but also improved customer satisfaction. The scalable nature of Apport’s solution ensures that it can be adapted and expanded in line with Søstrene Grene’s growth and changing market demands.

"Apport had good references, and it seemed like a great match for us. Both in terms of the solution Apport could deliver and the chemistry between us. It also mattered that they are a partner who is physically close. With a foreign company, it might have been harder to have the close dialogue we have now. We wanted a modern WMS that points towards the future, but at the same time, it shouldn't be too complex. That's what we got with Apport WMS."

Going forward, Apport will continue to be a valuable partner for Søstrene Grene, offering ongoing support and guidance to ensure that the WMS solution continues to evolve and optimize. This future-proof strategy will not only maintain Søstrene Grene’s market position but also create new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Moreover, the continuous development of the warehouse management system, including the integration of advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms, will give Søstrene Grene greater control over their warehouse operations. This will not only optimize inventory management but also enable a more proactive approach to supply chain management, ensuring they remain agile and responsive to both market and customer needs.