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PWT achieves remarkable warehouse optimization with Apport WMS

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About PWT Brands

PWT Brands is a leading Nordic fashion house specializing in menswear, operating in B2B, B2C, and D2C. With its headquarters in Aalborg and a strong presence in over 32 countries, PWT Brand offers quality products through its five strong brands. The company is known for its efficient and valuable collaboration with major online and offline retailers.

Tailor Headless ERP
14.000 sqm.
THE challenge

From five locations to one

With a vision of consolidating five different logistics centers under one roof, PWT faced a series of logistical challenges. With a warehouse of 10,000 sqm, 26,000 item numbers, and a growing need for efficiency, the company’s existing methods, based on manual processes and outdated systems, were inadequate to support the company’s growth.

"Before we got Apport, we ran around with picking lists, picked according to them, and then made the shipping labels ourselves afterwards."

It was therefore crucial for PWT to find a solution that could modernize their inventory management, improve the accuracy of inventory levels, and optimize picking processes to meet increasing demands.

the solution

A custom version of Apport

To address the mentioned challenges, PWT chose a user-customized version of Apport WMS, a solution designed to operate independently of the company’s existing ERP system. This was crucial for PWT, as they saw an advantage in selecting a WMS solution that operates outside the ERP system’s framework. Through Apport’s warehouse system, PWT has achieved significant improvements in daily warehouse operations, overall increasing productivity and improving the working environment. Since 2018, PWT has managed to reduce the workforce in the warehouse by 25%, while achieving a 25% improvement in picking efficiency.

"It has led to colossal changes in terms of the work, and it has provided us with efficiency opportunities that we didn't have at all before. We have an overview and some history that we can use for planning the staffing on individual days, and how we otherwise run a warehouse."

the upgrade

The transition to Apport Standard

In pace with the evolution of PWT’s needs, they decided in September 2023 to switch from the customized WMS to Apport Standard. This strategic decision was driven by the need to embrace the latest developments in warehouse management without the challenges associated with custom adaptations. By choosing a standardized solution, PWT has ensured access to continuous updates, new features, and a platform that is fully equipped to support PWT’s growth strategy, including stronger D2C connections.

Shortly after the transition, PWT set three new picking records: a clear proof that the upgrade was the right choice. These records underline the positive impact the updated WMS solution has had on the company’s ability to handle orders faster and more accurately than ever before.

Behind PWT's decision: The choice of Apport Standard

the future

A consensus on the end goal

The partnership between Apport and PWT Brands is marked by a mutual understanding that, while goals are set, the path to success can be flexible. This collaboration is characterized by a unique balance where Apport acts not just as a supplier, but as a strategic partner that challenges and develops PWT’s logistical capabilities. By combining PWT’s industry knowledge with Apport’s technological expertise, a continuous development towards more efficient and agile warehouse processes is ensured, ready to support the company’s growth.

"It's always beneficial to engage with them as logistics partners and advisors on how things can be done. They're willing to challenge our methods and suggest how we might also approach things differently. It's a learning process for everyone involved, provided both parties are open to listening to each other."