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Apport WMS enhances PlusPige's remarkable success on Facebook Live

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About PlusPige.


PlusPige is an online store specializing in clothing for curvy women. The webshop is operated by Ken Primby and Anna Jensen, who have achieved remarkable success over four years. With a monthly order production of around 15.000 orders and 10.000 item numbers, PlusPige serves a diverse customer base with various preferences. The company is divided into two sections: a live section, where they engage their customers on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and an online store. The revenue distribution between the two sections is equal, highlighting a dynamic balance between technology and fashion.

1.100 sqm.
15.000 per month
The challenge

Increasing demand posed requirements for the warehouse structure.

In the beginning, PlusPige struggled to meet the growing demand and the manual handling of orders. The complex task of picking and packing products with packing slips was time-consuming and vulnerable to errors.

Simultaneously, the introduction of new staff was both time-consuming and challenging due to the changing arrangements of goods. There were no location numbers in the warehouse, meaning that when they received new goods, their entire item number order had to be rearranged.

The Solution

A customised solution that supports PlusPige's growth.

To meet these challenges, PlusPige chose to collaborate with Apport and implement WMS in their warehouse. With Apport WMS, PlusPige was able to transition from manual processes to a more efficient and structured approach. The warehouse management system has opened the possibility of having many more users and employees. This is caused by the system’s simple user interface and efficiency, making it easy to involve more employees in the process. Furthermore, the system allows for a resource shift with a focus on driving and promoting growth.

"Before, we picked with delivery note and it was difficult to train new employees. It took a long time. Now, with Apport and their systems, their terminals, it takes no more than 5-10 minutes to train a new employee. It makes a huge difference because we can staff up and down as needed."

Another benefit that PlusPige has integrated into their WMS is the ability to combine orders. If a customer places two orders on the same day, they are automatically combined into one order. This not only benefits the customer by saving shipping costs but also saves valuable picking time for PlusPige.

The future

Facebook Live as a separate sales channel.

After implementing Apport WMS, PlusPige has experienced a significant improvement in their efficiency and more accurate inventory management. The previous manual process has been replaced with a more automated approach, resulting in a significant reduction in picking time and the number of errors. PlusPige’s ability to scale their business has been made possible in part by no longer distinguishing between a Facebook Live order or a web order. This is crucial for PlusPige’s Facebook Live to stand as a separate sales channel. On an ordinary Tuesday evening, they receive between 1.000-1.200 orders.

"When we started selling through Facebook Live, we had not integrated our systems with our WMS system, Apport. We quickly realized that it was a necessity, so we worked hard to get that integration done. And that's one of the things that allows us to scale our Facebook Live."

Overall, Apport has delivered a comprehensive and customised solution that has helped PlusPige optimize their warehouse management and propel their business towards even greater success.