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Nize Equipment looks forward to maximizing the potential of their new warehouse system

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About Nize Equipment

Nize Equipment is a leading supplier in the Nordic region of large format printers, cutting tables, and related software for the graphic industry. The company places great emphasis on close customer contact and in-depth expertise.

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1 in the warehouse
200 sqm.
The challenge

Order placement with pen and paper

Before collaborating with Apport, Nize Equipment faced several logistical challenges. Their inventory management was mainly manual, leading to time-consuming processes and the risk of human errors. Particularly challenging was the handling of items with batch and serial numbers, as these had to be manually entered on invoices to ensure traceability.

In addition, there were significant challenges in managing the stock locations for their traveling technicians, who often had expensive spare parts in their service cases without effective management. These challenges led to delays and errors in deliveries, affecting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

the solution

The service vehicles became small warehouses

Nize Equipment sought to automate and streamline their inventory processes, leading to a collaboration with Apport Systems. The result was a warehouse management system that automated order placement and refined their location management. This has led to a new routine with handheld scanners and barcodes, which has reduced time spent in the warehouse and decreased the number of picking errors.

An important part of the solution was the location management for their service vehicles and the technicians’ equipment. Through an ordering module, each technician was assigned a specific location in the system, enabling precise registration and updating of all spare parts in their possession.

"Before partnering with Apport, we faced significant challenges, particularly with our service vehicles and traveling technicians. We struggled to keep track of their inventories, leading to considerable uncertainty about the location of specific spare parts. To address this, we developed an ordering module in collaboration with Apport, enabling our technicians to order parts on the same platform used by our customers."

Discover how Nize Equipment's service vehicles are converted into mobile warehouses

the future

Zero Picking Errors in 2024

With the implementation of a warehouse management system, Nize Equipment is now better equipped to handle their expanding market in the Nordic region without needing to increase the number of staff in the warehouse.

"It has always been my goal to maintain just one full-time position in the warehouse for the foreseeable future, even as we expand. The ability to automate and optimize processes, making tasks more efficient and smarter, is crucial to me."

With zero picking errors in 2024 and improved working conditions in the warehouse, the company is also poised to enhance the customer experience through flawless deliveries and faster service times. Nize Equipment looks forward to leveraging Apport’s ongoing support and updates to maximize the utilization of the system as they continue to expand their services and presence among their customers.