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Motor Part has doubled its picking speed with Apport WMS

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About Motor Part.

Motor Part, a leading company in Motor Gruppen, provides spare parts, accessories, and professional services to car owners in Norway who drive Mitsubishi, Renault, Hongqi, and Dacia vehicles. Motor Part is located in Drammen, where their 4000 m2 warehouse and over 25,000 SKUs play a crucial role in car import, sales, and service.

4.000 sqm.
Number of orders
25.000 per month

An Urgent Need for Optimization.

Before implementing Apport WMS, Motor Part faced several challenges. Their existing warehouse management system required frequent manual inventory counts that were time-consuming and inefficient, often requiring entire weekends.

Motor Part also lacked traceability and accuracy, leading to delayed distribution. There was also an urgent need to optimize picking routines and improve communication across departments. Motor Part wanted to move away from downtime and towards more efficient rolling inventory counts.

"We also had times when it was difficult to keep track of where our goods were at any given time. There were many discussions between procurement and distribution about where the goods had disappeared to. There was also a lot of downtime, and I think that now that Apport, for example, runs on its own server, it means that if the ERP system experiences server issues, we can still work."


WMS as a Game Changer for Motor Part's Warehouse and Picking Routines

Motor Part opted for a simple initial version of Apport to gain control over core functions before expanding the system. This strategy allowed them to avoid losing focus and work purposefully on optimizing their warehouse logistics. To ensure a smooth implementation of the warehouse system, Motor Part carefully prepared their data, and another key factor was the implementation of pick-by-voice, which significantly increased efficiency and reduced errors in the picking process.

"Another interesting factor regarding pick-by-voice is that with the previous solution involving an elevator, we could have two operators in the goods elevator, and together they could handle up to 300 lines. Now, with voice and one operator, they can handle 250 lines per hour with just one person. I believe this is because voice keeps you going, so voice is certainly a tool to consider."


Towards Optimized Warehouse Logistics and Improved Customer Service

Motor Part looks forward to continuing their collaboration with Apport and plans to further develop the system. They are working on implementing volume calculations that will have a crucial impact on their distribution department and Motor Part as a whole. Apport plays a central role in this project, ensuring that small details are not overlooked while the implementation is successful.

Motor Part has realized that a gradual approach and a clear system development strategy are key to success. They are optimistic about the future, where they will both optimize their warehouse logistics and provide better service to their customers. Together with Apport, they look forward to continuing to achieve positive results in their industry.