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Matas' journey to effective Warehouse Management

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About Matas

Matas is one of Denmark’s largest retail chains specializing in beauty, health, and well-being. The company was founded in 1949 and has since evolved into one of the leading players in the beauty industry in Scandinavia. Matas also operates a total of 500 stores throughout Scandinavia and a large warehouse in Allerød, employing between 300-400 warehouse workers during the peak season.

Microsoft Dynamics AX
300-400 in peak season
30.000 m2
item numbers
The challenge

From paper chaos to a WMS that handles more than 45.000 item numbers

Before Matas implemented Apport’s WMS, the warehouse management was handled manually, with warehouse managers and operations managers printing paper documents and assigning picking tasks to employees. This inefficient system was not only time-consuming but also led to potential errors and unnecessary complexity in warehouse operations. With Matas’ growing online business and the increasing number of products, the need for a more advanced and automated solution became inevitable. Matas aimed to optimize warehouse efficiency, minimize picking errors, and manage their extensive product range more smoothly.

The solution

Pick-by-Voice: A Hands-Free Solution

With Apport WMS, Matas was able to automate and optimize their entire warehouse management process. Picking tasks were now assigned automatically and carried out using pick-by-voice technology, allowing employees to have both their hands free and work more efficiently.

"We chose pick-by-voice primarily because, as an operator, you have both hands free. That means you can pick up the product you have and place it in either a box or on a pallet. You use your entire body since you don't need to hold or put down a scanner to pick up a product. So it's very comfortable to work with, and you get a lot done with pick-by-voice."

This significant shift in Matas’ warehouse management approach not only resulted in improved operations but also increased control and scalability when needed. Apport’s WMS system has become an integral part of Matas’ business, helping them address the challenges that have arisen due to the rapid growth of their online business and the increasing number of products.

Through ongoing counts and management tools, Matas has been able to fine-tune their warehouse processes to achieve more efficient operations. This solution has also enabled the continuous expansion of their product range, as the number of SKUs continues to increase as a vital part of their growth strategy.

the future

There are always new opportunities to explore.

Matas and Apport continue to work closely together to identify and implement new technologies and solutions that can benefit Matas’ logistics and growth. The technological advancements in the logistics world mean that there are always new possibilities to explore. With Apport by their side, Matas is prepared to face future challenges and ensure that their warehouse mangement remains at the forefront of the industry.

Dan Jensen describes that ultimately, Apport has not only delivered an efficient WMS solution but has also established itself as a valuable collaborator actively participating in Matas’ development journey.

"So having Apport on board means that they are not only a collaborator but also a part of the journey. What are the things we need to look at, and what should the solution be? So it's not just us coming up with what we'd like. But we also involve Apport and look at how we can solve this issue together."