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Light Solutions' impressive growth supported by WMS

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Om Light Solutions.

Light Solutions APS specializes in LED lighting and handles both sales and advice on professional LED solutions for electrical installers, the public sector, and lamp stores across Scandinavia, as well as Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The company is built on an ambition to make it possible to replace all existing light sources with future-proof, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly LED lighting, without compromising on quality or comfort. They deliver this through their three businesses:, og At their 800 sqm warehouse in Højbjerg, Light Solutions currently has nearly 16,000 item numbers in the system and 2,000 in stock. They also have over 100 orders a day, with peak periods of up to 2,500 orders, so good inventory management is truly a necessity for Light Solutions.

800 sqm.
100 per day
The challenge

A need for overview.

When Black Friday and the Christmas sale hit back in 2020, Light Solutions quickly realized that they needed to streamline their warehouse. There were half-finished orders on the floor, and it was cluttered with printed packing slips. They didn’t have an overview of what was in stock or where their goods were located.

At the same time, they had trouble finding the half-finished orders on the floor when new deliveries arrived. They recognized there that they needed a system that could give them the overview they were seeking.

They needed both to manage the goods in the warehouse and to create an overview of the many orders. They also wanted to reduce picking errors, which they experienced once or twice a week.

They then explored the market and ultimately chose Apport because it was one of the more advanced WMS systems. As a growing company, it was important for them to have a system that could support their needs both now and in the future. Read more about our scalable solution Apport Pro.


Efficiency with WMS.

After implementing Apport Pro, things have been running smoothly at the warehouse in Højbjerg. Light Solutions has reduced their picking errors from 1-2 times a week to just once every month or two, and the training of employees has been reduced to 30 minutes.

Instead of having packing slips from the backend, everything is now done on the handheld terminal, where Apport is installed. With Apport Pro and their custom-built picking carts, they can now pick up to 36 orders at a time. The system has the dimensions of the goods stored, so you know which size box you need before you start picking. It is thus possible to pick directly into shipping boxes, which quickly increased efficiency in the warehouse.

In the administration, Apport and the cockpit are used to see what is being received, create counting lists, close open orders, and to see which goods need to be ordered.


A scalable solution.

To call Light Solutions a growing company is no understatement. As winners of not one but two of Børsen’s Gazelle awards, which are only given for extraordinary achievements, it’s safe to say that this is a company with momentum.

At Light Solutions, they continue to optimize processes and workflows both in the warehouse and in administration. “Should the physical premises expand, then it’s also incredibly easy with Apport to set up new shelves, new locations and connect an extra handheld scanner and get new employees started. 30 minutes of training and you’re ready to start picking and packing,” says Anders Friis Øland, co-founder of Light Solutions.