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“It was ambitious, because we didn't have the option of going back to our old system if this did not work. However, it exceeded all expectations. It was a huge surprise for us, that a transition like this could be done so smoothly - I have tried a similar process three to four times, and this one has by far been the easiest.”

Tommy Riise, logistics manager , ID.

Great ambitions of growth

Fairly unnoticed, ID has become one of the country’s leading providers of profile and advertising textiles, but in order to meet the ambitions of doubling revenue in five years, there was a need for change. The original name, Rexholm, became the more internationally sounding ID, and the warehouses in an industrial district in Ulfborg were replaced with a new 12,000 square meter store with an eye-catching location in Holstebro.

Even before the move to Holstebro, ID had attempted to streamline its warehouse with a new inventory management system, but the outcome did not go as desired.

“The company had introduced a new ERP and had built a warehouse management module onto this, but it never became a well-functioning solution, both due to the lack of focus internally in the company and the supplier that was chosen,” says Tommy Riise, who was picked up by ID In October 2011 to optimize logistics.

“I had some experience with what ‘pick by voice’ could do for a warehouse, so this is what we went by. With a voice system, you have your hands free to do your work and you can increase your safety and speed as you drive around the truck because you do not have to read papers at the same time,” he explains.


Choosing Apport

Trustworthy partner

The fact that Apport WMS was chosen, was mainly due to two things. Firstly, the credibility that ID saw in Apport, and secondly the fixed price concept that Apport makes use of.

"It was important for us to get a supplier that we felt was equal with us so we could be sure that our needs were taken seriously. In addition, I have often experienced budgets being exceeded in these types of projects, and I was honestly a little skeptical about whether the fixed price offer would last. But it held as was promised the whole way through, "says Tommy Riise.

Change management

All of the employees supported the decision

In the implementation stage, ID placed a lot of emphasis on staff involvement and training to ensure that the new system was well-rooted with the employees.

“At that stage, Apport was good at making people available to teach, and the process meant that all employees backed up the change we were doing,” says Tommy Riise.


The implementation

An implementation exceeding all expectations

The implementation of Apport WMS occurred in the wake of the relocation of 10,000 pallets of goods to the new warehouse.

“It was ambitious because we had no chance of going back to our old system if it did not work. However, it exceeded all expectations. It was for us positively surprising that it could be done so smoothly.

I have tried a similar process three to four times, and this one has clearly been the easiest, “says Logistics Manager at ID, Tommy Riise, who, among other things, attributes success to thorough preparation from both ID and Apport.

“We had tested a lot, and Apport was fortunately convinced that we needed to test it thoroughly,” explains Tommy Riise, who after a couple of days could look back on a start-up without operating loss.

The result

Increased efficiency and better flow

In addition to the fact that the introduction of Apport WMS itself increases the efficiency of the warehouse, the warehouse also houses a new transportway facility that efficiently shifts the goods from three different collection points in the warehouse to the packing facility.

"This means that warehouse workers can stay in a particular storage area and do not have to spend time driving from the far corner to deliver the goods in the package. This makes it possible to plan more efficient routes. In addition, it provides a better flow in packing because the goods come in at the rate, they are needed - the conveyor belt is long, so it acts as a buffer, "explains Tommy Riise.

The warehouse as a competitive advantage

Logistics is crucial for growth

Tommy Riise identifies ID’s ability to deliver efficient logistics as crucial to whether the ambitious growth targets can be redeemed in the coming years.

“Many trading companies are having the challenge of selling some items that are very similar to the competitors. Therefore, it is often your way of logistics that determines whether you are competitive. The more certain we are, that we can deliver fast and flawless, the stronger we stand.”says the Logistics Manager, who looks forward to developing the warehouse in the coming years with Apport as a sparring partner.

“We are currently picking 4-5,000 lines a day, and the next 1,500 we can handle within the current setup, but adjustments must be made on a regular basis. Apport has so far been very responsive to our input, so we are very pleased with our collaboration, “he says.

Often times, it is your logistics that determine whether or not you are competitive. The more certain we are, that we can deliver fast and flawless, the stronger we stand”

Facts about ID
  • ID is one of Denmark's leading manufacturers of profile, commercial and advertising clothing.
  • The company has existed for over 30 years - mainly by the name of Rexholm.
  • ID is behind brands like T-TIME, GAME, SILENZIO, YES, NASSAU and PATROL. The company also develops and produces private label articles for companies and retail chains.
  • The company's 12,000 square meter warehouse in Holstebro contains approximately 9,500 different item numbers.
  • The warehouse's 18 employees pick approximately 4-5,000 lines a day.