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HiKOKI Power Tools continues to be competitive with Apport WMS

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About HiKOKI

Hikoki, a global powerhouse in electric power tools and machinery, offers an extensive portfolio, including drills, saw blades, and grinders. Its central warehouse in Kjeller acts as the core distribution hub for Norway, showcasing HiKOKI’s commitment to delivering excellence and reliability in the power tool sector.

6000 kvm.
Stock keeping units
the challenge

Competitiveness demands overview

In 2012, HiKOKI’s strategic deployment of Apport WMS in their central warehouse marked a significant turning point, aimed squarely at enhancing inventory visibility. This objective was resoundingly met, propelling the tool giant towards greater operational clarity and efficiency. Before the automatic warehouse management system was put into use, HiKOKI lacked a clear overview of their inventory. With an extensive warehouse that housed over 20,000 SKUs, it was both time-consuming and required in-depth knowledge of the warehouse layout to carry out the picking processes efficiently, which often resulted in costly picking errors.

Moreover, there was no control over inventory levels, which negatively affected their competitiveness. Here, the implementation of Apport WMS was crucial in getting HiKOKI back on track. It turned out that a better overview was not the only advantage HiKOKI gained by implementing the automatic warehouse management system.

The advantages

Efficiency leads to growth

After implementing the automatic warehouse management system, HiKOKI Power Tools witnessed remarkable growth, leading to considerable economic benefits. The implementation of this system has not only streamlined operations but also significantly bolstered the company’s financial performance. As a direct result of these improvements, HiKOKI’s annual revenue surged from 500 million NOK in 2012 to an impressive 700 million NOK, highlighting the pivotal role of advanced warehouse management in driving business success and financial prosperity.

"With Apport, we're able to achieve what others can't.thanks to the structured warehouse management system that creates organization in the warehouse [...] After the implementation of Apport WMS, it's possible to pick twice as much per hour while simultaneously minimizing picking errors. We went from being able to handle a maximum of 19 pick lines per hour to being able to manage double that."

Following the implementation of the warehouse management system, HiKOKI observed a significant increase in customer satisfaction. The system maintains an overview of both inventory levels and the warehouse itself, providing customers with a sense of security when placing their orders.

The future

Geared for growth with Apport WMS

Operating a warehouse in Norway comes with high expenses, yet Apport WMS has transformed this challenge into an economically sustainable advantage for HiKOKI. The implementation of Apport’s warehouse management system has been pivotal in enhancing HiKOKI’s bottom line, significantly reducing picking errors, and ensuring meticulous control over inventory levels. This system serves as the cornerstone for HiKOKI’s assured growth trajectory, with the company ambitiously aiming for an annual revenue milestone of 1 billion kroner.

Achieving HiKOKI’s visionary future targets necessitates a deliberate and strategic approach. Leveraging the capabilities of Apport’s sophisticated warehouse management system, HiKOKI benefits from comprehensive data insights, enabling a detailed and actionable overview essential for crafting a proactive and ambitious growth strategy. This strategic clarity positions HiKOKI to confidently navigate towards its future objectives, setting a clear and achievable path for expansion and success.

"To achieve our goals, we rely on Apport being with us throughout the process – the system enables us to manage growth [...] It would have been hard to imagine the future without Apport."