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GreenDozer aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry

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In the spring of 2023, we visited Greendozer at their new premises in the heart of Aarhus to learn more about their company and how our WMS (Warehouse Management System) has assisted them. Read below to hear more about Jan Rohde, the founder, and CEO's vision for the future of recycling and sustainable construction.

Who is Greendozer?

Greendozer is a digital platform that connects various players in the construction industry with the goal of reducing the industry’s climate impact. Established in 2017, Greendozer’s mission is to promote sustainable construction by selling surplus, unused building materials from the construction sector.

Drawing from his background in the wholesale industry, Jan recognized that wholesalers, building markets, and manufacturers typically accumulate significant quantities of surplus materials. Based on this insight and his ambition to minimize waste, Greendozer was born. A few years later, in 2019, the reuse of construction materials gained momentum, catching Greendozer’s attention.

Today, Greendozer’s main focus is to be the go-to platform for accessing a comprehensive overview of available recycled materials for construction purposes.

Want to learn more about Greendozer? Visit their website here.


Sustainable construction legislation

The construction industry is gradually moving towards more sustainable practices, and Greendozer is eager to be a part of this development.

In the concept of circular economy, there is an understanding that materials and products should not be viewed as single-use resources but can have extended lifespans and multiple purposes. It is about keeping materials and products in circulation for as long as possible and reducing the amount of waste generated.

Greendozer is currently engaged in an exciting project, where they ensure that materials from old housing blocks scheduled for demolition are put back into use. For instance, a significant amount of flooring will be made available for reuse, giving it a new lease of life.

In light of environmental concerns, there are already specific requirements in place for CO2 emissions in construction projects starting from a certain size, and these requirements are expected to expand to cover all construction projects in the coming years. Additionally, there will be new regulations for selective demolition to promote recycling and sustainable construction. There are indeed many drivers for reusing building materials.

"The future of recycling, across all industries, is immense. Specifically for us, there is tremendous potential as we anticipate buildings constructed with materials different from what we see today.”

why apport?

Control and overview

Greendozer maintains several physical warehouses around the country, and it was crucial for them to have control over their inventory, ensuring they always know what they have in stock and where it is located. As Greendozer deals with building materials, picking errors can be costly for both parties involved.

"We have a significant collaboration with Apport. We implement Apport at our hubs, which then integrates with our platform, allowing us full control over the items sold through this channel."

The team at Greendozer had been considering implementing a WMS and explored the market to find a system that best suited their needs. After gaining an overview, they chose Apport because our system is easy to get started with, and our staff is always ready to help. Moreover, for a growing company like Greendozer, the scalability of our system was a significant advantage.

We take great pride in our skilled customers, and we have witnessed how our warehouse management system has helped them improve even further. Therefore, it is essential for us to accommodate growth.