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Creativ Company breaks the record every year with Apport WMS

About Creativ Company

Creativ Company, Creativ Company, established in 2000, has established itself as a leading dealer of hobby materials. At Creativ Company, passion and creativity meet. The company, headquartered in Denmark with a strong global presence in over 46 countries, strives to inspire their customers to creativity through various hobby articles. The company’s modern facilities in Holstebro extend over 14,500 square meters.

Business Central
70 in peak season
14.500 sqm.
The challenge

Inefficiency, errors and delays

Creativ Company facedchallenges in managing their warehouse and distribution. Their inventory management was plagued by inefficiency and delays. The traditional system of paper slips and manual updating resulted in significant wait times and inefficient resource utilization.

The primary challenge was in handling their extensive product catalog, as well as the need to maintain fast and cost-effective delivery methods. With a fluctuating number of employees depending on the season, there was an acute need for a warehouse system that could optimize and streamline warehouse operations, reduce time consumption, and minimize errors in order fulfillment.

With a mission to deliver quickly and efficiently, while keeping costs down, Creativ Company needed a solution that could streamline their warehouse processes and be scalable and flexible enough to handle seasonal demands. The competitive market required Creativ Company to not only maintain but also improve their delivery speed and cost efficiency without compromising the quality of their service.

Creativ Company realized that their existing inventory management system could not keep up with the company’s growth and the need for precision in the warehouse.

The solution

New standards with modern warehouse solutions

With Apport WMS, Creativ Company was able to address specific challenges through automation and optimization of warehouse processes. Apport WMS was tailored to Creativ Company’s needs and desires. The new warehouse management system became an essential tool for handling and prioritizing orders, as well as ensuring optimal logistics in the warehouse. Apport integrated automated processes for picking, packing, and inventory management, which significantly reduced the risk of errors in the warehouse. This advanced solution eliminated the previous bottlenecks by ensuring that orders only began when all items were available, significantly reducing both time consumption and the risk of errors.

Apport WMS also provided an intuitive user interface, which made training staff faster and more efficient, a crucial improvement given the high turnover rate. Apport was a valuable sparring partner for Creativ Company, offering insights and support for continuous improvements in warehouse management and logistics. With a strong focus on collaboration and quality, Apport ensured that the solution not only met but exceeded Creativ Company’s expectations, cementing a solid foundation for a long-term partnership. This partnership approach ensured that the system was not just a technological addition but an integrated part of Creativ Company’s daily operations, strengthened by Apport’s understanding of the importance of human factors and processes in the implementation of the warehouse management system.

Apport ensured a seamless implementation within the agreed timeframe. Quality and expectation alignment were highly prioritized in the implementation process. Apport delivered a solution that precisely fit the company’s needs.

The future

With innovation and efficiency, Creative Company is equipped for the future

Following the implementation of Apport WMS, Creativ Company’s inventory management has undergone a remarkable transformation, resulting in a 30% improvement in efficiency and a drastic reduction in picking errors. This has not only strengthened their competitive position but also ensured a streamlined and error-free customer experience.

"We can be challenged by the fact that it must not cost too much. Our goods are inexpensive, and therefore the shipping must be as well."

With Apport WMS integrated, Creativ Company is now in an excellent position to navigate through complex logistical challenges and maintain a competitive advantage through faster delivery times and minimal errors in order fulfillment.

With Apport WMS integrated into their inventory management, Creativ Company is facing a bright future where efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction are at the core. The company is now able to navigate the complex logistical challenges that come with a wide and varied product range. By minimizing picking errors and ensuring faster delivery times, Creativ Company is well-positioned to maintain their competitive edge and continue to impress their customers with exceptional service. Moving forward, Apport will continue to be a valuable sparring partner, ensuring that Creativ Company remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in an increasingly demanding and dynamic market.

With Apport’s ongoing support and commitment to the improvement process, Creativ Company is well-equipped to meet the challenges of the future.