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Meet Bo, an Enterprise Systems Consultant at Apport

Bo’s daily tasks at Apport consist of a combination of leadership and the development of our clients’ solutions.

Bo Kristensen is employed as a Consultant Manager and has been with Apport since 2016. His daily tasks at Apport involve leadership and the development of clients’ warehouse processes and WMS solutions.

What motivates you?

“What motivates me is creating value. At Apport, there are plenty of opportunities for value-creating activities,” says Bo.


Bo further explains: “This value creation is both indirect for our clients and direct. Indirectly, it involves the development of our internal processes, improvement of our delivery apparatus, and directly, it involves analyzing and specifying the tasks and change requirements that our clients have.”

“What motivates me is creating value.”

– Bo Kristensen, Enterprise Systems Consultant hos Apport


By understanding their needs

“As I mentioned, there is both a direct and an indirect path, but if we focus a bit on the direct path, it’s about being able to understand the needs of the clients and analyzing what the right solution is for the specific client and then creating a plan for executing and delivering the changes that it may require,” says Bo.

Are you challenged in your work at Apport?

Apport has many clients that specialize in different directions.

“I am challenged at Apport because we have a very broad customer base with many specialized solutions, so it’s rare to have two cases that are the same. Our customer segment is very broad, ranging from small companies with a strong focus on precision to large companies with a strong focus on efficiency,” Bo explains.


There is not much distance from the CEO to the consultant.

“The culture at Apport is based on the very flat organization that Apport is. There is not much distance from the CEO to the consultant. It influences the way we are and how we interact with each other in our daily work,” says Bo Kristensen, Consultant Manager at Apport.
How is

– the everyday life at Apport?

“For me, everyday life at Apport involves a lot of task planning, task delegation, and analysis of specific customer needs.

So there is a big element of leadership in everyday life, but there is also a 60/40 split that also involves the further development of our clients’ solutions,” says Bo.

Which staff event do you remember the most and why?

“I remember the staff event where we were in an Escape Room in Aarhus and had some fun hours together,” Bo reminisces and continues:

“The Escape Room trip was quite fun because we ended up working across the groups we normally belong to and where we could share responsibility in a different way than here in the workplace. So there, you got some different perspectives, and you also understood your colleague in a different way.”


We support each other

“There is a lot of collaboration around the customer tasks we work on, and in that regard, we have to go to the specialists to gather precise knowledge,” says Bo, and continues:

“Collaboration in everyday life at Apport is very much about seeking specialized knowledge from the various experts we have in different areas of the solution but also the specific solution possibilities for customers.”

“From a management perspective, we have a management group where we support each other in terms of daily management and business development,” says Bo.


– if you were to recommend Apport as a workplace to others?

  • “If I were to recommend Apport as a workplace, I would highlight that it is a very dynamic workday, and you have a lot of influence in planning your tasks.

You get a variety of tasks, and you also have the opportunity to build relationships with the customers you engage with the most,” Bo says.

If I were to describe Apport in 3 words, I would use:


Goal oriented