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We are the people behind the warehouse management system.

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Your career at Apport

Apport’s mantra is to put people over systems. By the same means, ‘freedom with responsibility’ is our most important value proposition for you and is additionally why recognised, visionary brands believe in future-proofing their business by being a customer of Apport. We are one of Scandinavia’s leading WMS providers, which is why Apport’s expertise and our employees’ wide-ranging experience are something that few IT houses can match.

Apport’s mash-up of heavy thinkers, IT geeks, creative souls, and wide age ranges foster new professional standards, energy, and enthusiasm. Join Apport, the experts of the WMS industry, and add unique knowledge to your professional profile.  

As our new colleague, you take part in a buddy program and follow our onboarding process. We welcome you to a flat organisational structure, flexible working conditions and our cool, new premises. We focus on knowledge sharing across departments and every Friday, we all gather for breakfast and a weekly update. And, if you fancy social gatherings, you can join our events and small, fine activities.

If you are skilled and fresh to contribute to our team, that delivers warehouse management with a ’human face’, you may already have Apport written on your business card.

"At Apport, there are high ceilings, open doors and a flat organizational structure. We work under a "freedom with responsibility culture", where you have a great influence on work tasks and the organization of your working day. Humor plays a big role where we can laugh with and at each other. Beautiful surroundings, lunch arrangements and social events are a matter of course here."
Liselotte Bæk
Sales and Administration Coordinator
"Apport is a company that really values creativity. You'll have plenty of freedom to think creatively, especially when solving challenges that can make a big difference. And there is always good opportunity for sparring with happy colleagues."
Per Ingerslev Hebsgaard
System Developer

Join Apport. Here, it’s not only the professional tasks that unite colleagues.

Events, gatherings, and fine activities strengthen unity and fasten our team together through enjoyable laughs and pleasant experiences. Every Friday we eat breakfast together, and we also run the DHL Relay Race, have barbecue evenings, go to the cinema, watch soccer together, and much more. At Apport, you also get a lunch arrangement, a daily free fruit plan, health insurance, etc. 

- Employee Association

Apport Systems A/S works purposefully to create strong, internal logistics advantages for our customers. We are one of the leading WMS providers in Scandinavia, and with our self-developed warehouse management system, we are known for making warehouses more efficient in Europe. 

We know that Apport’s strong foundation and market-leading position are due to our skilled and professional employees. We would like you to meet three tenacious Apport employees, who each contribute to Apport’s warehouse management with a ‘human face’. Their stories are great, and you can too become part of the Apport team.


Warehouse management with a ’human face’. The foundation is a strong WMS, but it is our focus on people and change processes that makes all the difference. Forget about the technicalities for a moment. For us, efficient warehouse management is about putting people over systems and thinking processes over technology.

People over systems. Process over technology. Results above all.


Logistics is the competitive parameter of the future. The Apport team works every day to optimise our customers’ warehouse logistics, making their warehouse a strong competitive advantage and not a necessary evil. We work with IT development tasks and consulting services which ass value to our customers’ business.

The goal is to optimise and automate the daily processes with Apport’s warehouse management system, while simultaneously creating opportunities for growth in the customer’s future business. 


At Apport, we are strong believers in keeping things simple. Our WMS is built with a focus on ease of use, and we work according to a proven project model.

Simple does not always equal easy. Thus, you will find that we make demands in a collaboration. First and foremost, to ourselves, but also to our customers. For this reason, we base our work on many years of experience, we know what it takes for a WMS project to stay on track and be handed over as a success.

Apport collaborate with Cand

Apport have since 2017 hired students through Cand. This have resulted in seven different employees in student job – where some of them later have been promoted as a full-time employee after end education.

Through this collaboration we have been given access to skilled students, that challenges the work procedure. Watch how we use our students for a better workday.

Who are Apport?

Apport is one of the leading WMS providers and partners in the market.

We have optimised warehouse logistics for companies all over Scandinavia since 2000.

“At Apport, the customer is at the centre, and we always aim for them to get the highest possible value through the collaboration with us. Success is created through people and competent employees with a sense of responsibility, as well as committed and passionate work effort. Our employees are therefore paramount to our continued success”, tells Jakob Krogh, CEO at Apport.

Apport kontor

3 things

you should know about Apport



If you are our new colleague, you’ll be given an Apport Buddy in your start of employment. In addition, you’ll be following our onboarding process, and we welcome you to a flat organisational structure, flexible working conditions, and a focus on knowledge sharing.


The social

We have a strong focus on social events across Apport and at department level. The employee association is at the forefront of the activities, however, we are thrilled when our employees also bring the good stuff to the table.  


The workplace

In 2020, we moved into our nice, new premises in Risskov. It’s bright and open here, and we are close to the heart of Aarhus, the water and Riis Skov. Our downstairs neighbours are Meny, Netto and a large parking basement where we pay for your parking.  

Your options at Apport

If you are skilled and fresh to contribute to our team, that delivers warehouse management with a ’human face’, you may already have Apport written on your business card.

We are always looking for strong candidates. If this is you, send us your unsolicited application and tell us which job you are searching for, and which areas you want to deal with.

We know that Apport’s strength is equal to our skilled employees, so please write your qualifications in relation to the desired position.

If you have any questions for HR, please write to us.

Unsolicited application  

People over systems.

Process over technology.

Results above all.