“It motivates me to create value.”

Bo Kristensen, Consultant Manager at Apport
How do you create value for the customer?

I must understand their needs

Bo explains, “As I said, it is both direct and indirect. Focusing on the direct way, it is about understanding the customers’ needs and thereby, analyzing the right solution for the specific customer. Furthermore, making a plan for the execution and the delivery of the changes.”

Are you challenged at work?

Apport has a lot of different customers who are specialized in a lot of different areas.

In my work at Apport I’m challenged since our customer base is broad and therefore, we are working with a lot of different and specialized solutions. Further, there are rarely two comparable cases. Our customer segment is broad, and it is both small companies with a high focus on precision to larger companies with a high focus on effectiveness.”

How will you describe the culture at Apport?

The distance between director and consultant is small

“The culture in Apport relies heavily on the flat organisational structure. The distance between directors and consultants is short. This is seen in the way we work together”, explains Bo Kristensen, Consultant Manager at Apport.

How would you describe

a day at Apport?

“From my perspective, I use a lot of time on planning and delegating tasks and further, analyse and come up with solutions for our customers. Therefore, a lot of my time is used on managing. I would say the allocation is 60/40”, explains Bo.