Integrations for Apport

Apport can integrate to all ERP systems

Apport can integrate to all ERP systems, automation solutions, TA/TMS systems, and E-commerce platforms. Some off the major integrations can be found on this site. 

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Christian Mikkelsen

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SAP is the largest European software company and the fourth largest in the world, developing ERP systems that can handle a company’s functional tasts and workflows.


Visma Business is the leading company in North making ERP systems for small and medium-sized companies. Their system is the most user-friendly and flexible financial system on the market.

Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics Nav is an ERP-System for small and medium sized companies that helps automate and optimize within sales, purchase, operation, accounting and warehouse management.



Consignor is one of the leading TA suppliers delivering software with print of eg. track and trace and shipping labels.


Magneto is the leading platform for open source commerce innovation.

Webshipper provides a complete shipping platform that makes it easy for e-commerce companies to automate order and freight flows. Webshipper helps everything from small businesses to large enterprise companies with prints of cargo labels, returns, Track & Trace and more.


E-conomic is the most intuitive and used online accounting program in Denmark.



Visma Global is a secure, flexible and integrated program that optimizes flow and analyze the company’s business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics C5 is an accounting program for small businesses. The program has one single user solution that automate processes, promote collaboration and support sales.


Unifaun is a leading a supplier of TA systems in Northern Europe.

Shopify delivers scalable multi-channel platforms to companies across the globe.


Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics AX is an ERP solution to a company’s local environment. The solution contains economic-, personal- and operation management.


Prime Penguin is an award-winning cloud service for integration and real-time control of e-commerce logistics.


Ship worldwide across carriers from one platform. Shipmondo lifts your logistics to the next level.