This is how Apport Data Analyzer can optimize your warehouse

Your WMS is filled to the brim with data, and if you know how to  join these data, you have a foundation for better decision-making.

Get more from your resources

Apport Data Analyzer gives you a real-time image of how many resources, you’ve spent and how to place your resources in the warehouse in order to be done faster with the deliveries of the day. This prevents panic before closing time and enables your employees to be more efficient.

Optimize your locations

With just a few clicks, you’ll see how to optimize your locations in order to organize your warehouse as streamlined as possible.

Create fast management reporting

Automate the management reporting and let Apport Data Analyzer send you reports on select KPI’s  whenever you want.

Analyze your expenses down to the detail

Analyze your expenses with ease, on everything from item numbers and customers to employees, giving you the ability to make better decisions.

Results above all

Apport Data Analyzer makes the warehouse strategic.

Logistics is the battlefield of tomorrow and the battle is won with knowledge, not loose intuitions.

Apport Data Analyzer opens up new possibilities for taking your warehouse- and logistics function from being just another expense, to a strategic ally, where the warehouse becomes an important competitive parameter.

Read our whitepaper on Business Intelligence

Facts about Apport Data Analyzer
  • • A business intelligence module to Apport WMS.
  • • Developed in cooperation with existing customers and business intelligence experts Inspari.
  • Based on the user-friendly platform Tableau.
  • • Access from both pc and mobile.
  • • Make all your analyses directly in Apport Data Analyzer - no need to export data.
  • • Available as both a cloud and on premise solution.