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Apport WMS makes your warehouse a competitive advantage

Apport WMS optimises your work procedures and streamlines your warehouse with 25-40 percent. The user-friendly warehouse management system makes the warehouse a better place to work

WMS leads to optimization...

In many warehouses, employees still go about their daily routines with lists printed from their ERP-system. As the warehouse grows, this often becomes an ineffective and confusing way to work. The Warehouse Management System from Apport creates warehouse optimisation and gives the warehouse employees an overview, so they can do their job faster and better.

The system utilizes the newest technology – such as voice recognition, voice picking, barcodes and wireless data gathering – to optimise the warehouse procedures. This leads on average to a 25-40 percent efficiency improvement.


WMS optimizes the warehouse with 25-40%​

Automation of the warehouse leads to happier customers.

When the customer receives the wrong products, the warehouse needs to use resources to receive the product in return and send the correct product. And what is worse: A customer has now had a bad experience. Errors in picking is costly in more than one way, which is why a reduction in errors is an important advantage of Apport WMS. By automating the manual procedures, Apport WMS makes sure that picking errors are almost eliminated.

“In order to achieve our goals, it is necessary to have Apport with us on the journey – they help us tackle our growth.” 

– Stavros Tsamis, Warehouse Manager at HiKOKI


User-friendly and comfortable to work with

An old-fashioned warehouse can be a chaotic place. Apport WMS creates an overview and a calmness. Your warehouse employees always know which job to do and how to do it optimally. This created a good work environment, that contributes to making your company a desirable workplace. The user interface is designed to be simple and comfortable to work with. Using voice recognition software, Apport Voice, the system can even be used without hand terminals. The user-friendly setup makes Apport WMS easy to learn, which makes seasonal employees quick to reach the same level of confidence in using the system, as the regular employees.