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Apport WMS makes your warehouse a competitive advantage

WMS leads to optimization...

In many warehouses, employees still go about their daily routines with lists printed from their ERP-system. As the warehouse grows, this often becomes an ineffective and confusing way to work. The Warehouse Management System from Apport creates warehouse optimisation and gives the warehouse employees an overview, so they can do their job faster and better.

The system utilizes the newest technology – such as voice recognition, voice picking, barcodes and wireless data gathering – to optimise the warehouse procedures. This leads on average to a 25-40 percent efficiency improvement.

Apport Voice makes it possible for the warehouse employee both to receive orders and give back messages to the system using a headset. The voice recognition software is supplied by the American firm, Honeywell.

The system can also be serviced using wireless hand terminals from, for instance Honeywell, that are easy to se and comfortable to work with.

Automation of the warehouse leads to happier customers.

When the customer receives the wrong products, the warehouse needs to use resources to receive the product in return and send the correct product. And what is worse: A customer has now had a bad experience. Errors in picking is costly in more than one way, which is why a reduction in errors is an important advantage of Apport WMS. By automating the manual procedures, Apport WMS makes sure that picking errors are almost eliminated.

“In order to achieve our goals, it is necessary to have Apport with us on the journey – they help us tackle our growth.” 

– Stavros Tsamis, Warehouse Manager at HiKOKI


WMS optimizes the warehouse with 25-40%​

User-friendly and comfortable to work with

An old-fashioned warehouse can be a chaotic place. Apport WMS creates an overview and a calmness. Your warehouse employees always know which job to do and how to do it optimally. This created a good work environment, that contributes to making your company a desirable workplace. The user interface is designed to be simple and comfortable to work with.

Using voice recognition software, Apport Voice, the system can even be used without hand terminals. The user-friendly setup makes Apport WMS easy to learn, which makes seasonal employees quick to reach the same level of confidence in using the system, as the regular employees.

A WMS project, that stays on budget

We dispel the myth …

As a customer at Apport, you know right away what your new WMS will cost. As the only WMS supplier in the industry, we always give a fixed price on our warehouse management projects.

We want to break with the close-knit myth that you never know if the price and time schedule of a project will stay on track, when entering in an IT project.

Once we have analyzed your needs and goals we deliver a coherent project- plan and price, that you can be sure will hold.

A strong project model keeps your WMS project on track

The reason we can give you a transparent price and guarantee that it will hold, is because of our project model.

In this project model, we keep in sight three parallel tracks in the form of process, technicalities and organization, so that we cover everything all around and can create a coherent solution.

Humans create the change

This three-part focus is part of our fundamental philosophy that technology is the necessary foundation, but it is the way people use it, that creates the necessary change.

Our project model is built on six stages from “Analysis and preparation” to “Operation”, and before each stage, both parties makes sure that they both agree that everything is in order. This way, we make sure that we can solve any possible challenges at the right time.

The project model sets demands both to us and to you as a customer, because it is the best way to ensure that you get the result, you want.

Want to know more about Apport and who we are? Read more about our philosophy here.

Apport WMS solution: The product’s journey
Goods receipt

When the product arrives at the warehouse, ware-house employees usually receives the product by using handheld ter-minals. Apport WMS is designed to make this process as simple as possible.

Put away

Apport WMS (Warehouse Management System) always finds the optimal location for a given item from the rules you have set up.


Apport’s unique WMS – warehouse management system helps optimize refills and relocations to meet the company’s wishes and support the business needs at all times.

Order picking

The possibilities for order picking are many and are always based on the needs of the business. Counts, among other things: Picking single orders and Batch picking orders that require a post processing.

Pack and ship

After completion of picking, orders may need to be invented and consolidated before shipment, and packing and freight documents must be printed and the orders read.

Other functions


Apport WMS supports both manual, peridocic and continual stockttaking, and generally all countings can be done, while the warehouse is in full function. In doing so, you avoid the resource demanding, yearly stocktaking. Ongoing stocktaking can be configured as such:

  • 0-point-counts.
  • Counts that get activated as a result of a certain amount in a location
  • Counts that follow a predetermined cycle, depending on how often you want the item counted. The stocktakings can be varied in accordance to A-, B- and C-items, and also offer the possibility to do manual or periodic stocktakings, where select parts of the warehouse are accounted for. 
  • Manual countings can be done either as traditional “item on location”-counts or location counts.

Business Intelligence, surveillance and reporting

Apport WMS makes it possible to collect data and use these data to improve and make your decision making more proactive.

Apport WMS gives you both the ability to have an advanced Business Intelligence solution – showing you data in real-time and an overview of relevant KPIs – and a more traditional reporting.

Have you read our e-book on how to get modern business intelligence in your warehouse? 

Integration for ERP systems

Apport WMS can integrate with almost any ERP system on the market. We have our basis in a standard integration, but this can be adapted and adjusted for the customers and ERP suppliers wishes.

Automation solutions

The WMS solution involves a wide range of possibilities for integration with external automation units. This includes both simple warehouse machines, lane control, robotic control and complex solutions with the control of miniload cranes, goods-to-man stations, etc.